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Learning about Digital Coupons

If you have tried shopping online, then you may already be familiar with coupon codes. These coupon codes can help you save money off your online orders. The idea of these coupon codes stemmed from printed coupons. However, instead of handling the cashier at the store with a printed coupon, you enter a coupon code before paying for your order on a website.

By learning more about coupon codes, you can feel more comfortable with using them during your online shopping sprees, and taking advantage of the opportunities to save some money.

What are Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes are made up of letters, numbers or a combination of both. By using these codes on an online retailer website, you can avail of a discount on your order. In this regard, coupon codes are just like printed coupons.

Each coupon code also has a different value. For example, some codes may offer a percentage discount off the purchase, while some codes may only offer free shipping for your package. These offers are made to encourage consumers to purchase certain products and services from certain online retailers. In the expanding online landscape, coupon codes are easier to distribute and market than printed coupons or paper coupons.

Online marketers may use different coupon codes for different targets or groups in order to easily tell apart the response rates. Online retailers may refer to the codes as e-coupons, promotional codes, discount codes, referral codes, reward codes, shopping codes, source codes, surplus codes or voucher codes. Nevertheless, all of these codes work similarly.

How Do Coupon Codes Work?

In order to redeem coupon codes, you simply have to take note of the “secret word” or the combination of letters and numbers. The code can then be entered on a coupon box on the website of the online retailer. This coupon box can be found in different pages or locations on the website so it is important to be observant whenever making your purchase. Sometimes, the coupon box can be seen on the virtual shopping cart. Other times, it can be seen on the review page or on the checkout page itself.

If you do not see any place to put in the coupon code, then check if the website has a page on Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ. You may also get in touch with the online retailer through their Contact page.

After entering the coupon code, the online retailer will usually display a page showing how much you are being charge with, and how much is being discounted on the merchandise or shipping service. Sometimes, this can be seen on the review page. If you do not see the discount being applied, be cautious about finalizing your order.

Why Don’t Some Coupon Codes Work?

In order for the shopping cart to apply the discount, all of the conditions of the coupon code must be met. If the coupon codes do not work, then there may be some restrictions. Each coupon code has a different restriction. For example, some coupon codes may not be applied on certain brands or items that are already on sale. Before using the coupon codes, make sure to read the fine print first.

Aside from restrictions, coupon codes also have an expiration date after which they will not be accepted by the online retailer. For example, holiday coupon codes may only be valid on the day of the celebration.

A lot of times, the online retailer will not specify the expiration date so that they can monitor how many times the coupon code has already been used. After a certain number of uses, they can easily discontinue the promotion without giving out prior notice to the public.

Some coupon codes may also fail to work because they can only be used by their intended recipients. These types of codes are different from the public coupon codes that are widely distributed.

What are the types of coupon codes?

As aforementioned, there are different types of coupon codes available for the consumers.

The most common and most widely available are public coupon codes. These are marketed to every consumer through several coupon websites. Many of these codes may also be used an unlimited number of times.

There are also coupon codes that are only released to a specific target market. For example, some online retailers may offer their most frequent shoppers private codes. Such codes are based on your online shopping history. Unfortunately, this type of coupon code can only be used by the consumers who received them.

Similar to private codes are restricted codes. This type of coupon code can only be used by the intended recipient. The system of the online retailer site will be able to check pertinent personal information, and will not allow anyone else to use your coupon code.

Can coupon codes be also used in brick and mortar stores?

Coupon codes are typically used at online stores. Nevertheless, some codes may still be honored at local stores. You may print out the coupon code and bring it with you when you shop. Some stores will honor it, while some will not. Be sure to read the fine print or instructions that comes with the coupon codes. If nothing is specified, you may also ask the merchant directly.

What can you do if the coupon code does not work?

If your coupon code does not work, simply try to look for others on the Internet. There are already many online platforms in which you can search for valid coupon codes.

Where can you find coupon codes?

Now that you know more about what coupon codes are, where they started from, how they work, and why they may not work, you can start looking for these codes and save yourself some money when shopping online.

One of the best ways to learn about discounted deals is to visit coupon websites.

At, we bring you the latest coupon codes and discounted deals for hundreds of products from many leading grocery stores, drug stores and general merchandise retailers online.